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My Top Tips For Staying Fit While Traveling

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Happy International Yoga Day! If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that I've
been a little travel bug lately. I was barely home for most of May! I headed to Florida with my sister Nicole Alyse, to take our mom away for mother's day. Before I knew it our trip was over, I came
home for two days, and was off yet again- this time to Quebec City to celebrate my tenth (yes, tenth)
anniversary with Frank. I never wanted my journeys to end. But I was ready to get back to my
normal routine at home, especially my workout routine!

I know I may not look strong, slim, or super fit- but I feel it. And to me, that is more important.
I’ve been a gym rat for some time now, and always try to find a way to stay active daily. Even if
I can’t get to the gym that day. There is no excuse to not move your body daily! Going on vacation
(especially with others) can be really challenging to your workout routine. You are in a unfamiliar
place, without your normal recourses, and can easily fall into the “It’s ok, I’m on vacation”
mindset. While resting the mind and body often is very important, there is no reason that you
should accept self sabotaging what you’ve worked so hard at for a short period of time.
Do something, do ANYTHING!

Being active in a new place shouldn’t be daunting, it should be nothing less than exciting. I wanted
to share some of my personal tips that make working out, while traveling easy and fun. I hope
these spark a little inspiration for you to stay active, while on vacation or not. Do you have any
tips for being active while on-the-go? I would love to know what they are!

 Stepping outside of the gym/studio!
If you are use to working out at a gym or studio, going somewhere without that familiar
territory can feel pretty scary. Once you realize that you can literally turn any place into a gym,
a creative flow comes over you and you find yourself welcoming the challenge.
Try out some of these ideas:

- Got a layover? Do some laps in the airport! Use your carry on as extra weight, and go explore
the terminal. Time will go by so much faster than just sitting around waiting. Plus, any stress
and frustration that naturally comes with flying will be replaced by happy endorphins. Win!

- Is dancing your thing? No matter where you travel to, chances are that there is a dance club near by.
At the very least, a bar with a jukebox. Dancing the night away after dinner will help burn off
those calories, and won't feel like a workout at all.

- Is that a yoga studio on the corner of your hotel?! If classes are more your scene, there’s a
strong chance that there will be some sort of pilates, yoga, cycling, etc. club near by your
new location. Check for a first time student discount, or Groupon to save some money.
Try something new!

- If your hotel doesn’t have a gym facility for you to use, turn your hotel room into a gym!
You don't need any fancy equipment for squats, push-ups, wall sits, jumping jacks, and crunches.
Hey, you can even do some laps around the hallways by just walking around the hotel. Make use
of those soda cans they stock up in the mini fridge (no, not by drinking them), but by using
them as mini hand weights. Sure they are light, but it’s better than nothing!

- No matter where you go, I can guarantee that there will be a park or playground nearby.
Hey, monkey bars are not just for kids you know! You can practice some handstands against a
tree, do some chest presses, arm dips, etc. against a bench, do some deep stretching, jumping
jacks, and so much more with just your body and the everyday items around you.
Be playful with yourself and use your imagination!

- Is there a beach, lake, or hotel pool where you are going?
Do I really need to explain how you can use this to your advantage?! ;)

Bring the gym with you!
Set yourself up for success by bringing even one exercise tool that makes life easier for you.
Come prepared by incorporating some of these tips:

- Everyone has room in their luggage for a jump rope, resistance band, frisbee, fitness tracker, or
yoga mat. Personally, I never travel without a yoga mat. I was super excited to take my
new La Vie Boheme Avanti Travel Yoga Rug with me to the beach when I was in Florida!
Prepare to get stopped often during your practice by people stopping to ask where your mat is
from. The travel yoga rug folds up in a carry-on perfectly, and is super lightweight..
plus it doubles as a spot to lay out on for sunbathing (hehe).

- Laptop, iPad, tablet, or iPhone.. no matter what streaming device you have, you can use them
to watch a fun online workout. From fitness sites to Youtube, finding someone to guide you
through a workout is only a click away. If you have a laptop, just bring your favorite workout
CD with you to pop in, and you are good to go at anytime!

- Always set yourself up for success by packing at least one workout outfit and pair of running shoes, no matter the destination. It’s easy to find an excuse when you “forgot” your sneakers at home.
How convenient… *eye roll*. Thanks so much to Sweaty Betty for sending me these
Zero Gravity Run Tights and Simhasana Yoga Sweat top I'm wearing below for my Canada trip!
I could have lived in this outfit the entire time, it was so cozy. These tights literally feel like you
are wearing nothing. Causing you to feel weightless and keep running, uninterrupted by
adjusting annoying regular run tights. By having these with me in my suitcase, it made me WANT to
workout for the simple fact that I just wanted to be in them because they make me feel good.

Get lost, and explore!
Especially if you are staying in a new place. There is no better way to get to know the new area
you are in, than to wander. This is always a huge must for me when traveling. Try these tips:

- Walk. EVERYWHERE. If you were blessed enough to have two legs, make sure you use them.
Nothing is really ever “too far away”. Skip the cabs, bus, and any public transportation if you
can. Frank and I are huge on this factor when we travel. We never take any public transportation
when we travel if possible. On our recent trip to Quebec city, we saw so much because we never
stopped walking. We explored so much of the city on foot, and walked 10 miles or more per day. 

- Rent a bike or paddleboat as an alternate form of transportation, and use a map if you have to. You may discover a restaurant or store that you would never have stumbled upon otherwise.
Take a new path and explore the neighborhood. You'll blend in and look like a local.

- Find the local trail, hiking hot spot, or park path to jog on. Treadmills are fun, but being
active in nature inspires you to go further and push harder. Jog, walk, run. It doesn’t matter.
Just move, and don’t be afraid to get dirty.

Today's food is tomorrow's fuel!
Eating well and putting yourself first plays a large role in your desire to stay active while away.
If you tell yourself that you “slipped up and the day is ruined”, you are planting the seed for
self-destruction. Besides, associating guilt with eating is no way to live.

- Meal plan to prevent sabotage. Make sure to stock up the fridge right away if your room is
lucky enough to have a kitchenette. This also includes packing healthy snacks to have on hand
while out, and checking out the menu of where you plan on eating to “pre order” in your mind. 

- Road tripping? Fill your cooler up with pre-made veggie sandwiches, fresh fruits, fruit squeeze
pouches, nuts, plenty of water, and all of the non processed snacks you can manage. Pack more
than plenty, and plan ahead. There is no excuse for pulling off the exit to go to a McDonalds,
unless it’s to use the bathroom!

- Never leave home without your “blender ball” shaker. It will make life easy when it comes
to getting your fix of protein or green packs, and to make sure that you are not missing out on
vital fuel pre or post workout. Just add water or plant-based milk, and shake it up!

- If you are flying, make sure to bring plenty TSA friendly snacks. Who want’s to spend $7.00 on
a gross “fruit cup” at the airport? Not me. Matt’s Munchies got me through my last flights, and
are my newest obsessions! They are crazy yummy, and the perfect size to keep in your bag on-the-go. My favorite is the heavenly Island Mango. Yummmm.

- Start saving a food budget ahead of time. Your wealth is in your health. So make eating right
a priority when traveling. Don’t skip meals to save money, or pick the least nutritious item on
the menu for the sake of convenience. Hold your body to the highest standards that it deserves.
Don’t let going out to eat with a group of friends who don’t live by your lifestyle choices
intimidate you either. Chances are your server and the chef will be happy to substitute,
and tweak your order to accommodate your needs for staying on track.

Peace, Love, and Fitness,
xo leleloveleigh


  1. Use these tips to help unleash the local flavors of your visits so you can have an even more memorable time.

  2. Treadmills are fun, but being
    active in nature inspires you to go further and push harder.



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