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Digging My Nails Into Red Carpet Manicure's Pro Kit

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

About three years ago I became obsessed with getting gel manicures (thanks Nicole Alyse).
Sure, it was so much easier than repainting my nails every few days.. and yeah, it helped them
grow longer somehow. But, I dreaded getting the polish removed, and how weak it made my
nails feel after. I would never give them much time to breathe, and would instantly cover
my brittle nails back up with another gel color. My gel addiction lasted for about a year, until
I just needed to take a break for the health of my nails (and wallet).
Well, my faith in gel manicures has been restored thanks to Red Carpet Manicure!

Now, it's still not something I want to do all of the time, but it's so great to have an option that
1- doesn't leave my nails feeling unrecognizable after it's removed, and 2- that I can do myself
at home. Thanks to my friends at Red Carpet Manicure, I now have the option to do my own
gel mani in a much healthier way. The Red Carpet Manicure Pro Kit literally has everything you
need to do a pro gel mani yourself. From the tools, to remover, and even a professional LED light! 

I'm so in love with the colors of their Escape to Paradise collection! I always gravitate towards
the brighter, and bolder colors. For this look (which lasted 2+ weeks), I used Frolic In The Sand 
and made some fun polka dots (excuse my lack of creative nail artistry) with Until the Sun-Sets.

Just follow these simple steps to get red carpet ready:

1- File your nails with the provided emory board, and push back the cuticle
with the flat end of the orangewood stick.

2- Place the buffer pad onto the cuticle tool to prepare the surface of the nail,
by lightly removing the shine.

3- Using the white pads provided, and the Purify cleanser, give a wipe to clean the nail. 

4- Apply Prep Max Adhesion Sanitizer to your clean nails. It will quickly evaporate,
and keep your nail color from getting bubbles. 

5- Apply a thin coat of the Structure base coat gel to your 4 fingernails, while leaving the
thumbs to go in together last. Cure each time for 30 seconds using the LED light.

6- Apply the Red Carpet color you wish to use in a thin, even coat to your 4 nails (again, leaving the thumbs for last). Cure them up in the professional LED light for 30 seconds. Repeat this round for a second coat, and bolder color. Wipe away any mistakes on the skin with the cleanser before you cure!

7- Apply a thin coat of the Brilliance seal and shine top coat to your 4 nails (yep, you know it- thumbs last). With this step, you will be curing them in the LED light for 45 seconds. 

8- Use the Purify cleanser to remove the tacky residue, and voila!-- You and your salon
quality gel manicure is now ready to hit the red carpet!

Removal was so much easier than I expected, or have experienced in a salon (where they rush the process). First, you'll want to buff the surface of the nail to help break the top coat seal.
Next, simply apply the Erase gel remover on a cotton ball, and place on top of the nail. Then
you will want to wrap the nail (with the cotton) in aluminum foil, and leave on for 10-15 minutes.
When you unwrap the foil, you will find that most of the work has been done for you,
because the polish has mostly come off on it's own. Use the scraping tool to gently remove
any remaining color from the nail. Make sure to massage some of the Revitalize Nourishing
Cuticle Oil into your cuticle and nail to give it some extra love!

Peace, Love, and Happy Nails,
xo leleloveleigh


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  3. Place the buffer pad onto the cuticle tool to prepare the surface of the nail,
    by lightly removing the shine.

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