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Your Gypsy Warrior April Horoscopes

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Your April horoscopes by yours truly are now live on the Gypsy Warrior Blog!
Click below incase you missed them. 

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Happy birthday, Aries! This month starts out wonderfully for you, as Venus enters your sign on the 5th. Surrounding you with high goddess energy, and making you look and feel more beautiful. Clearly the universe is shining upon you at this time, and your new moon on the 7th is just full of power. Calling upon you to make some changes, take action on new beginnings, and blessing you with grand opportunities to take advantage of. You can really have anything (or anyone) your heart desires, Aries. Keep working your vision and spiritual power to manifest what you want to see appear or grow in your life. Doors are opening effortlessly for you, and you are starting to see the pay-off from your manifesting. But, don’t forget to go out and observe though experience as well.You’re prepared for new beginnings, so get out and live! If an opportunity for travel presents itself, welcome it with an open mind and heart. This will blossom you spiritually, as your vibration expands and your destiny is be awakened! And hey, you just might meet an unexpected love by embracing a little journey. Say yes.

Your friends and loved ones will be wondering why you are so blissed out this month, Taurus! You can just feel that something amazing is on it’s way for you, and it’s well deserved. The Aries new moon on the 7th is giving action to your dream space, encouraging you to meditate and use your wishing ability to create your own happiness. But make sure you tie up any unfinished business or projects, so you can create space for the potential gifts from the universe coming around your birthday to stay. You’ll have an easy time doing this when Mars is in your 8th house, helping to cut away what no longer serves you, people who have lost your trust, and knowing where to set some new boundaries. With Mars retrograding in Scorpio on the 17th in your area of relationships, it will definitely bring passion into your current relationship by relighting the flame. This may not be the best time to meet someone new. You can be open, but try not to get too attached. A past love may also find it’s way back to you when you least expect it. Mercury retrograding in your sign on the 28th may bring you a financial and creative opportunity that you have been waiting for. Obviously, communication will not be it’s best at this time. So, try to think before you speak & try not to get frustrated with others. If you have been trying to get over someone or a past situation, will be eased as you receive of all the healing benefits of the grand earth trine energy. Spend time finishing up any old projects, looking for signs from your guides, and dreaming up your ideal life. This will all blossom and effortlessly flow for you during your new cycle, if you put your intention to the details.

Goals, goals, goals! Seems to be what you are all about these first three weeks of April, Gemini. You are really taking the time to edit your goals, and fine tune your strategy to set out and accomplish them. You are driven by passion and purpose this month, and ready to go after what you want. Now is the time to grasp that promotion, as you are backed by Aries energy & so much fuel from your determination to active what you want. This fiery Aries energy is also out to play for the Aries new moon on the 7th. Brining action to the area of your friends, hopes, sudden breakthroughs, friendships, and networking. During the retrogrades, you’ll be given the time to overview what alliances are no longer serving you in going after any dreams in those areas and finding a new way to approach them. During the scorpio full moon on the 22nd, the attention is brought to your health. Are you taking care of yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally? Where is all of your energy being focused, and where do you need to make adjustments so that you can live your best and highest dreamlife? You could also be seeing some money coming in this month from the realm of others. Such as family, inheritance, a promotion for your partner, an investment, etc. Something lucrative is heading your way to help you clear up some debt and loans, or help fund a home business you’ve been dreaming up! Spend wisely Gemini.

What would you like to call your fan club, Cancer? That’s how it feels this month for you, as everyone is attracted to you as their leader! Your inner being is radiating and attracting people to you like crazy. Just make sure others don’t start emptying their baggage on you, and be sure to set some boundaries. Try to stay focused on your goals this month, and keep what you want to accomplish this year, in full focus. Harness the energy of Mercury being retrograde in this beautiful grand earth trine to make it happen. This energy is also about abundance, job opportunities, attracting new clients and customers, and healing (physically and emotionally). The Aries new moon in your 10th house is going to give you a lot of fiery power the first 3 weeks of April, to do what’s right for you in getting a fresh start on your career. Just make sure to take care of yourself and your mind so that you can put the final touches on any unfinished projects. You have tons of support from the universe here to help you move on up. If you own your own business, now is the time to get out there to network, and find new ways to market yourself/brand/product. The Scorpio full moon on the 21st is setting a flame to the area of true love and romance for you, with no challenging aspects. Love is on fire by the third week in April! Practice extreme self care this month when it comes to your health. Something may come up that you’ll want to address sooner than later. With Neptune in the area of your spiritually, make sure you take time to check in with your higher self. Allowing messages to be shown to you, and learning to listen to your gut over everything. This is a great time to start tapping in to mastering this power!

There is lots of opportunity ready for you this month Leo, but you still need to put in the effort! You are in great place to take advantage of expanding your work education, traveling, marketing yourself/your product to the masses, and your ability to teach and learn. You are in flow in this month, and riding high on that cosmic wave! Your feeling spiritually strong, and driven by a sense of purpose to fulfill your calling and destiny in the world. You may even discover a talent or gift you never knew you had. Take advantage of these gifts that are emerging for you, as Jupiter, Mercury, and Pluto all team up to pour massive positive energy into your resources. Reimbursing you talents, and the work you do with abundance (cha-ching!). If you are starting a new business, take advantage of this money opportunity supported by this grand earth trine that starts at the Scorpio full moon, possibly before Mercury goes retrograde on the 28th. There is advantage here during the retrograde to activate what you plan to go after in the next few months. With your career coming to the forefront of your attention by the 19th and well into May, this would be a great time to create your dream plan for success. Maybe start taking some new workshops, or attending some events that will help you expand your career goals into May. April is really working in your favor to shower you with abundance. Let that mane down and embrace these vibes Leo!

Tell everyone to take a number this month, Virgo! People are lining up to get your advice and guidance, as your gift of problem solving & deep intuition blossoms in the spotlight. Just make sure you are aligning with the right people, and being aware of who you let into your sacred space. The Aries new moon shines on your area of relationships, foundation and partnerships. This is a perfect time to go deeper in your connections, and build deeper passion and trust. This new moon energy is also a great time to set your boundaries in place, and revaluate some current relationships. Do you need to release something, or someone who no longer serves you? Now is the time to do some clean up, so you can be open to receiving the start of a new relationship or partnership that may arise around the 14th. With Mars retrograding into Sagittarius, there is a focus for you on your mental and physical home. Is your home a place you can go to feel nurtured, and comfortable? Make the changes you need to turn the home into a place of retreat, that recharges and empowers you. This will strengthen you mentally as well, leaving you more sensitive to receiving source messages & expanding your gift of intuition (which is on fire this month). All of this clarity you are being blessed with is empowering you to expand your inner strength, and rediscover the creative gifts you may have not used in some time. This energy is inspiring you to try new things, start a new business, travel, and follow your heart. Trust it Virgo, and go with this divine energy flow. It’s leading you to a better understanding of who you are, and why you are here.

It’s epiphany after epiphany for you this month Libra, as you turn your focus onto others and the roles they play in your life. With Venus (your ruling planet) entering Aries on the 5th, it shines bright on relationships, personal and public partnerships. Just make sure your needs are getting met as well. Are you nurturing your inner being and foundation? Don’t forget to take time for self-health and healing. You can’t allow this energy to let you get behind on your needs, become co-dependent, or let stronger personalities bully you around. Trust that this April energy is integrating all of the growth you have done in March, and assisting on the changes that need to be made with these relationships. Mars retrogrades on the 17th in your area of communication. Everything from your style of speaking, communication on social media, and how you listen can cause a casual conversation to become fully flipped around. Try not to take it personal, but still speak your truth. You may also be feeling a little touch of depression, but know that Saturn has your back in helping it pass with care. Try getting some extra endorphins going with uplifting exercise, as well as enhancing your spirit by getting in touch with nature. Spend more time outside, escaping on road trips, getting familiar with plants & animals, and breathing new life into your routine. It will heal your being & leave you empowered!

Are you craving a sense of inner peace, and an urge to feel light and free Scorpio? You are being given the opportunity to look at what you wish to purge and let go of, and the ability to finally dump the baggage (literally and figuratively). Mars going retrograde will even encourage you to change a pattern that does not serve you, or finally kick a bad habit (yes, you are strong enough to quit). You are really focused on your self worth, respect, and love this month. A lot of this is being brought up by the Aries new moon on the 7th, giving a lot of focus on the area of your health, lifestyle, daily routine and well-being. It’s time for a new direction, and you know it. Don’t worry, the universe has got your back! Does your work, communication skills, or way of networking need a tweak as well? When Pluto retrogrades on the 18th in your area of communication, you are able to finally focus your mind on what needs to be fixed. Take notes, and consciously observe what is being shown to you by source. For the couples, you may experience some hopes and wishes finally coming true. Now is a great time to do something new together, like short distance traveling, moving to a new city, or finally starting that business idea together. If you’re a single Scorpio babe, a former love (even past life) could be making it’s way back to you to pick up where you left off!

This month is all about unexpected and spontaneous love, rekindled fun, profound healing, and inner soul strengthing to launch you forward in power. Oh yeah Sagittarius, it’s a pretty good month for you! With the sun in Aries (your sister sign), it’s bringing some action to the area of true romance, self confidence, creative expression, and sports. The Aries new moon on the 7th is also very fiery and intense, making relationships, love (and love affairs) a real focus. You may be craving a boost in self esteem brought on by Mars in Sagittarius going retrograde on the 17th. Maybe it’s time for an inner and outer makeover, to boost your confidence and build some strength. A new hair color, style, wardrobe color, or statement accessory can drastically impact your vibrations and how others see you. Causing an inner shift on your energy, and making you feel on top of the world. You have put in a lot of effort since last September to strengthen your talents, and self respect. With Pluto retrograding on the 18th, it’s giving you some space to reflect on all that growth, take note of how you are using what was given to you to create the life you want and expand in the world. This Mercury retrograde on the 28th will be a healing one, with time for you to reflect. It may also bring a job offer you wanted in the past back around to you as a new opportunity.

Get ready for some travel time Capricorn! Well, not too far. The journey you’re headed on is an inner one. With Mars retrograding on the 28th, you are harnessing this time to reflect on all of the work you’ve done since September of last year. This energy’s helping you analyze where you are at, how you can use your wisdom to get what you want, and to realize how you may be getting in your own way. Are you guilty of self-sabotage and procrastination Ca[pricorn? The tools you need to complete ongoing projects will soon be revealed to you. These are especially coming to you in the dream world, as Mars controls this energy for you. You may notice some trouble sleeping most nights in April as well. Try to be still, and allow this healing energy to come through you and expose intuitive insights from the universe. You have a real chance here to activate your dream life if so. Practice lucid dreaming, and make sure to write down your dreams in order to decode the signs being shown to you by higher vibrations. Stay playful and go with the flow during these retrogrades in April, Capricorn. There is high potential for a past (or past life) love that makes their way back to you, as well as being brought together with a love at a distance. The Scorpio full moon is reflecting on the love you receive. Are your hopes and wishes being heard, and are you connecting with others effectively? As for the Aries new moon, that’s all about foundation for you. You’ll notice a lot going on around the home, especially around the 7th. People are moving out, moving in, plants are being nurtured, walls are being painted, pets are coming into your life, redecorating is being done, you are simplifying— and it’s time to relax with a staycation at your newly energized retreat. Kick those Docs up and chill!

Scrub-a-dub Aquarius- it’s time to clean house! When Mars goes into retrograde on the 17th, it’s a good opportunity for you to step back and do some inventory. Are the people you surround yourself with helping you achieve your goals? Is there a money strategy that needs some TLC? Do you feel disconnected from friends, co-workers, or the groups you belong to? Now is the time to revaluate where you are putting your energy, and how it is working for you in order to reach your goals. The Scorpio full moon on the 22nd will play into this aspect, as it shines it’s light on your area of career and your destiny in the world. Many of you will be seeing this payoff in the form of a promotion. Others will be questioning if they want to stay at their current job, or maybe start their own home business. Change around your patterns, and try to have some fun with a fresh look on your work-life balance— It will make your soul shine! Keeping a sense of humor in your back pocket this month will also come in handy as the Aries new moon energy seems to make everyone around you seem a little off, and hard to get along with. Just know that it will pass and do your best to keep a playful heart, set aside some time to have fun with yourself, and not to take anything anyone says too personal. Tuning into what you love and value is going to heal your soul, so you can shine your love and light on others who need it most.

You’ll probably want to take a vacation before April even starts, Pisces! This is a very busy month for you, and you are putting all of your effort towards your achievements. But when things start to feel out of whack and you need to take a break, you look for tranquility in the home. There’s nothing wrong with taking a little time to retract from the world, and check -in with how you are managing your self and resources. You have grown so much in the last 6 months, and it’s time to reflect upon that, especially as Pluto retrogrades on the 18th. Just go with the flow! You could certainly be hearing some coin drop around you on the 14th and during this entire month, that is brought on by your gifts and networking.This prosperous energy is extra strong for you speakers, writers, and creative types. You’ll also have the opportunity to create greater wealth for yourself, and develop the life you truly want as the sun enters Taurus on the 19th. This energy brings focus to your area of communication through your thought patterns, way of speaking, how you listen, and your style of thinking and innovating. It is also strong for the communication of your partnerships and relationships. Don’t be afraid to speak your truth, and ask for what you want. Just be aware in keepping your message clear during the Scorpio full moon on the 22nd, to avoid any misunderstandings. If you are looking for l-o-v-e this month Pisces, Jupiter has got your back in that area and helping you communicate and connect with someone special. This is a beautiful month for you to expand your consciousness and spiritual connections as well, especially with the moon in Scorpio. If you embrace it and pay close attention to the signs your guides are sending you, you’ll discover some magical messages for you to create your best life.

Peace, Love, and Lipstick,
xo leleloveleigh



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