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Inside The Goddess Provisions Magical March Box

Monday, April 18, 2016

You guys are clearly aware of my Vegan Cuts addiction by now, right?
Well, the addiction just got upped a 100 levels… From the beautiful brains behind Vegan Cuts
comes Goddess Provisions— a monthly subscription box tailored to the high-vibed, positive
energy obsessed, cosmic crystal babe! Not to mention each box is guaranteed 100%
vegan and cruelty free. With a personal passion for crystals, spirituality, higher consciousness,
and basically everything new aged.. it’s clear why I think the Goddess Provisions box is
a must-have for aiding in a well balanced life. Mind. Body. Spirit. 

Each Goddess Provisions subscription box comes with 4-6 full-sized products for $33
a month (with discounts for longer commitments!). Each month you will receive the very best
quality of crystals, super food snacks, yummy teas, apothecary beauty, aromatherapy essentials,
and everything you need to enhance your path of spiritual growth and nurture your divine goddess energy, all curated by the vegan experts. With March’s themed Goddess Provisions box
being “Self-Awakening”, I can tell this is the start of a beautiful, sparkling druzy filled relationship!
Let’s see what’s inside…

With 96 recycled pages waiting to be filled, this rad little journal is so lightweight and perfect to
keep in your bag at all times for when inspiration or moments of gratitude strike! Or, you can
use it to “vent out all of the icky thoughts that don't serve you.”, as Joyologist suggests doing.
Daily journaling is a great practice to help build a healthy mind, and clear thoughts to move
creative energy. The red color of this badass little journal also sparks power and confidence.
Fill it up with nothing less than awesomeness!

Fun fact: I’ve been learning about house blessing and cleansing from my mom since I was a
little girl! I am a firm believer in the fact that energy needs to be circulated and cleansed often,
especially in the home. This house blessing and cleansing kit from Good Juju is an easy
and approachable way to cleanse your own home if you are new to this concept. Along with the
beautiful packaging, comes a well detailed instruction sheet on how to remove the negative energy
in and around your house and property with a six-step ceremony. Negative situations like bad luck,
death in the house, divorce, or possibly an outside force that has taken control of your home
should always be cleared of their dark energy in order to maintain a healthy and happy home.
You will also want to bless and bring in positive energy with a cleansing ceremony before events
like moving into a new home, hosting a special event, or after completing some remodeling or
redecorating, etc. Full of majikal herbs and crystals, the Good Juju kit will help bless,
clear and remove negative energy from the home, your land, and from yourself.
The house blessing and cleansing herb kit also makes for a perfect housewarming gift!
Below is a list of what this majikal kit contains, and their benefits straight from
House of Good JuJu’s website:

Sage- Neutralizes existing negativity and makes a psychic shield against tensions.
Traditionally, sage rises spiritually above the mundane world and forms a protective shield. Historically used by Native Americans to clear the air of negativity.

Frankincense and Myrrh resin –Brings successful ventures, cleansing, purifies the home.
Is used in many Temples throughout the world. Removes negative influences.
It brings protection. Very sacred.

Cedar Sprigs- Dispels negativity and provides protection. Brings abundance to a home.

Angelica- Very powerful protection herb - protects against negative energy and attracts positive energy; creates a barrier against negative energy.

Caraway- Brings good health, love, protection, mental powers, and anti-theft.

Chamomile- Promotes love, healing, and reducing stress. Remove hexes, curses and spells. Increases money coming into the home. De-stressing, meditation, and restful sleep.

Lavender- Clears out energies that will not leave a space. Traditionally used to neutralize bad frequencies during cleansing rituals. Lavender is also known to be relaxing, so having it around the house can prevent negative energy before it starts.

Rose Petals- Provide a loving vibe that surround your home. Makes for happy relationships.

Mugwort- Keeps evil spirits from entering your dwelling. Protects and cleanses.

Juniper - Negates negativity. By purifying negative energy in the environment and from other
people, Juniper cleanses energies harmful to good health. Juniper can also transform
negative emotions into positive.

Sea Salt- With salt's extreme ability to draw away remnants of psychic and negative energy, including "ghost manifestations" of many different kinds, salt has always been used for psychic clearing and for purification. It is used to cleanse houses and temples. Draws away unhealthy spirits and unwanted visitors. Provides a protective circle around your home.

Palo Santo Wood- Palo Santo is enjoyed by many for its energetically cleansing and healing properties. Keeps energies grounded and clear. Raises your vibration in preparation for meditation and allows for a deeper connection to the Source of all creation. It is also said that Palo Santo enhances creativity and brings good fortune to those who are open to its magick.

Black Tourmaline- Clears and balances the Chakras, forming a protective shield around the body and space. It cleanses, purifies and transforms energy into a lighter vibration.

Clear Quartz- Is a stone of clarity which dispels negativity and clears away negative energy. It can be used to purify and clarify on the spiritual, mental, and physical planes. It is powerfully protective because of these properties. It provides a Guardian Energy of White Light.

I don’t know what I would do without aromatherapy, and often look to scent for a quick mood boost. I have never seen aromatherapy in patch form, and I am totally into the convince of these Purple
Frog Patches. You can stick them anywhere, or take them with you on-the-go to release organic essential oils for a long lasting spa-like experience. I could smell the perky scent combo of
peppermint and eucalyptus through my Goddess Provisions box before I even opened it (I was already in love). These are so versatile, chemical-free, and a great substitute for those synthetic air fresheners that just mask odors with chemicals. (Helloooo, that is going into your lungs!)
Oh, and Purple Frog Patches are also the world’s only non-toxic, personal air
freshener— that sealed the deal for me!

Omega-3’s in 75% organic/fair trade dark chocolate, candied walnut, and toasted flax seed form?!
Yes please! Each yummy bag of omega munch provides you with your daily dose of
omega-3”s (2,000 mg), and fills your body with protein, antioxidants, and fiber in a decadent form. It’s true as Nicobella says, that you will get a burst of natural energy from just a single piece of
omega munch. And no- that burst does not come from sugar, but rather the high theobromine content
of their pure dark chocolate. Nicobella also is a stand-up brand, that has many of the checkmarks I look for in a brand. Such as organic, non-gmo verified, soy-free, gluten-free, fair trade, sustainable
packaging (they are FSC certified), no added flavors or processed sugars, and they also
donate 5% of sales to their favorite animal organizations!

Sticking to the theme of self awareness in this month’s Goddess Provisions box, this howlite pendant from Chakra Love is the cherry on top of a majikal box. After all, howlite is often used for attaining awareness to better receive messages from spirit guides and the higher-self. Howlite balances
the crown chakra, helps with releasing emotional ties, is used in crystal healing to relieve pain,
as well as helps to expand the soul and consciousness upward. I love how simple, yet detailed
the design of this necklace is. It really goes with any outfit! Energy flow on-the-go.

For $33.00 a month (as well as some other plan options to choose from), you can get
your very own divine goddess energy filled lifestyle box sent straight to your home.
Goddess Provisions ships free in the US, $10.00 in Canada, and worldwide for $20.00.

"We're "busy" just like everyone else on this beautiful planet but we take the time to manifest  journal, meditate, frolick around in nature, pet kittens, practice yoga, have reiki healing sessions, do tarot card readings, drink green juice, write out the things we're grateful for, check the astrology forecast and charge our crystals under the full moon. If you enjoy these simple pleasures too,
you're going to feel like our monthly box was curated for you by a true soul sister."- GP

CLICK HERE (so GP knows that I sent you) to subscribe, and start or enhance
your spiritual practice with each and every curated Goddess Provision box of love!

Peace, Love, and Goddess Energy,
xo leleloveleigh

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