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March Horoscopes with Gypsy Warrior

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Happy March my little moon babes! As some of you may know, I am now doing monthly
horoscope casts for the Gypsy Warrior Blog. Be sure to check out what's in the stars for you
this month, as well as the other magical content they have up daily on their blog...

Put it on cruise control this month, Aries! For the first three weeks of March anyway. Less is more, so feel good taking time to recharge yourself by being patient and still, in order to gain a new sense of purpose that presents itself to you on the 21st. March is a very spiritual month for you to connect to your inner, higher power. Embrace that connection, and ask yourself what’s been holding you back and keeping you from getting what you want? Ask source to show you what changes you need make in order to achieve your goals. The energy when the sun, mercury and Venus move into Aries will more than give you the clarity and focus needed to go after those dreams. Now is not the time to start anything new until the sun enters Aries on the 20th. Take advantage of the last eleven days in march to prepare for your new moon next month, and get ready to launch forward in power!

Don’t be weary of any new opportunities coming to you in unusual ways this month Taurus. They may seem off, but they may actually hold some great advancement for you! The Pisces energy is bringing action foryou to the area of your wishes, goals, and your money earned. Use all of this positive energy focused on these sudden break-throughs to help make things blossom for you. You are much closer to achieving your dreams and desires than you think. Start taking the steps to make it happen, so you’re available for opportunity that may present it’s self to you during this important month of change and new beginnings. Maybe this includes an out-of-the-blue relationship with someone you’ve known for a while. You two could instantly feel a deep synchronistic bond with each-other very suddenly that takes you by surprise. If you are already involved in a relationship, now is a great time to check-in and see how it is going for you. Something you may need to look closer at, or change may be brought to the surface this month. Are your needs being met to reach your highest goals? However this is also a great time to get out and have fun as a couple, network with others, and make new groups of friends. Overall, this is a pretty stellar month for you Taurus. Just make sure to tie up any loose ends, as you prepare for your birthday!

Now is the time to make yourself known for your gifts, by sharing your talents with the world Gemini! Pisces’s energy the first three weeks of March brings focus to your area of career legacy. What is your destiny in the world, and what are you contributing to humanity? Are others receiving what they need of you, relationship wise? Make time to be there for friends and loved ones, as they could really use your ears right now. Maybe you’ve just been busy being distracted by a bossy friend or co-worker this month. Demand equal partnership in this area, and be sure to set some boundaries. You could see some financial gain from it in the form of a promotion, or increase in income as Mercury enters Aries (ruling the money you make) on or around the 21st. Speaking of work, make sure to pay attention to what’s being asked of you and not over-promise. Venus challenging Saturn as it goes retrograde on the 25th could make it difficult in this area. Saturn’s retrograde will also give you the perfect opportunity to go within and listen to your inner guru. Now is the time to look for signs of guidance on where your life and love life are going. This may be a great time to join a creative, or spiritual group that you have been looking into. In the area of l-o-v-e, anything can happen for you single-mingles out there towards the end of March and into the start of April. This could be the start of something really hot and fun for you! As for the pairs out there, take time to evaluate your relationship together, to make sure that both of your needs are being met. This communication check-in could take you to the next level. Keep your focus on all of the positive and amazing things going on in your life right now, and that good energy will only come right back at you 10 times more powerful!

Pour yourself a glass cancer. Your creative juices are overflowing this month! This is a wonderfully creative month for you, especially during the first 20 days in your sister sign, Pisces. You are lit up with energy and your mind stimulated regarding your future vision. Focus that energy on what you have going for you in the talent and skills department. This could be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for to get published, get out into the community, launch a website to reach people all over the planet, and gain a fresh perspective. Only you can make those dreams come true, and the universe is backing you up 100%. You’ve been such a workaholic lately. If you have not been feeling appreciated or valued in the workplace, there may be a promotion or opportunity to move up with this new moon energy guiding new beginnings. You’ll be having fun again, soon enough! Some of you may be taking or planning a tropical trip, which will certainly recharge your spirit and give time to improve your inner health conditions. Pay extra attention to your foundations, and how you are nurturing your self esteem during the libra lunar eclipse. When Saturn goes retrograde on the 25th, you will have the opportunity to improve those inner health issues. Be kind to yourself!

You may not feel too hot during the first three weeks of the month Leo. This is due to sun moving through Pisces, drastically putting a watery damper to the fire element of your sign. Take advantage of these weeks by investing in plenty of you-time, and checking in on any healing that your body may be in need of. This is a very important month of change, which is why you’ll want to have a clear and rested mind when it’s time to cut ties, end old habits & make changes. You’ll start to feel alive, and refreshed again on the 20th. Bringing the energetic focus to the areas of your spirituality, discovery of talents, vision of the future, and long distance travel. The perfect time for those seeds of new growth you’ve been planting to flourish! You may have been doing a lot of work in Pisces to grow your business. That will pay off as others are ready to invest in what you have to offer (your book, a service you provide, a product you produce), and money that was owed to you is finally paid off. Pluto is guiding you during the Pisces solar eclipse in the area of any long standing health issues that may have been dragging on for quit some time. Pluto’s power can help you heal those issues, while transforming the past to birth anew in Aries.

The main focus for you this month Virgo, is strong in the area of new beginnings and completions of relationships. Be it with friends, family, co-workers, romantic, business partners, trainers, etc. But you have felt this brewing up for a while. Try to use this Pisces energy to go with the flow, letting go of your instinct to take care of everyone else. By making yourself the priority, you will finally have a chance to see what opens up for you. You’ve spent too much time in the caretaker role. Now is the time to let others focus on you. If not, you could miss the chance to connect with someone, such as a trainer or healer who can help empower you on a path to better yourself. This is a key time to build up your foundation, to become your strongest self. Go within and ask self what steps do you need to make to achieve those goals. Whose support are you not receiving, and from whom? It may be time to re-evaluate this relationship, while paying attention to their behavior. Is there a talent that you are not using? It may be coming to your conscious awareness during the eclipse in Libra on the 23rd, with it’s strong light shinning in your area of gifts and talents. This is a highly creative energy for you as well. Let it flow, and you can create magic!

You are going to feel a major boost in courage and self confidence this month Libra, thanks to the supportive strength and encouragement Aquarius brings to your 5th house of taking chances. You will notice a large shift in how carefree and light you feel going into this month as compared to January. There is a lot of uplifting creative energy, especially within the first three weeks to take advantage of by doing purposeful vision/intention work. This energy is perfect for starting new projects that interest you, reignite passion, inspiring others, and even expanding your area of career. You are going to feel much more outgoing this month with a strong desire to network and connect with people. Whether it be online or going to a group meet-up, this is a wonderful time to make some very valuable connections and friendships. Keep attention on how you express your love this month, as you could have a tendency to overspend on your sweetie. Romance however is strong with good communication, making you want to celebrate your love in every way. You may start to feel a little rundown towards the end of the month, and even experience some confusion at the workplace around the 28th. Make sure you are listening to your body & it’s need to rest and recharge, so you can enter March as strong as you did February.

Can you feel the good vibes heading your way, Scorpio?! This month is all about self-love, playfulness, connecting to the child within, celebrating life, and the good things happening to you. Just make sure you are taking care of any unfinished business around the 23rd-25th. The Libra lunar eclipse on the 23rd will help you out with paying attention to your life, work, and health habits. Luckily Pisces (your sister sign) energy favors it’s focus to the planets in Scorpio, uplifting you to put your creative power and gifts to use in creating the dreams you want. You’ll be given the chance to look at what you really love and value until the 28th, while Saturn is grounding the creative Pisces energy that is flowing. True love and romance are also a strong focus for you this month. If you are coupled, it’s time to let loose and have some more fun together. You two could be creating a very passionate project, product, or offering a service together & it’s wildly exciting! For the single Gypsy Warriors out there, now is the time to relax and focus inward on what type of person you want to attract into your life (if any). Jupiter is in your money house until it moves in Libra, causing huge expansion for you. Pay close attention to your incoming and outgoing earnings, and always be prepared for an unexpected expense. The more you hustle, the less you’ll have to worry!

The focus for your Gypsy soul this month is in the home and area of living for you, Sagittarius. Get ready for lots of change! This Pisces energy is bringing a huge focus to your 4th house (your foundation, how yousupport yourself, the property you own or rent, and yes.. the home to your inner being), making this a great time to strengthen your foundation for lasting success by evaluating your living situation. For some of you, this may include going with the changes that a move, or change of who’s living with you may bring. Venus will help smooth over any challenges that come up during the eclipse regarding a current living arrangement on the 12th. So don’t worry. Luckily with Mars moving into Sagittarius on the 5th, you will be receiving all the energy and drive you need to tackle anything thrown at you head-on. You’ll have a chance to review your growth since Saturn entered Sagittarius last, on the 25th when Saturn goes retrograde. Take time to pause, reflect, walk in nature, meditate, and listen so that you can move forward. The last 11 days of the month into the beginning of April could bring the start of a new love, a strong financial surge gained from hard work, and the presences of a strong uplifting energy that fuels you to create. You are feeling more than inspired!

Time to empty that brain, Capricorn! How you think and process information is a huge focus for you all month. The problem is that you could be over thinking and holding onto problems, that take a toll in overstimulating the nervous system. Try your hardest to let go what you’ve been deeply holding on to. You’ll only get in your own way if you keep holding onto past issues. Try to relax your mind by starting something productive backed by this flow of creative energy you’re feeling. Do something just for you that nourishes your soul. Go get a massage, meditate, eat good brain food, see a funny movie, or anything that will release stress for you. This will put you in a great receiving state for when an unseen opportunity or promotion presents itself to you at work around the time of the full moon. March is really about observing your ways of processing information, and taking time to think less, in order to flow more fluidly. So why you may be keeping your mouth closed this month, keep your heart open. While romance isn’t a huge focus for you this month Capricorn, it could come as a surprise from a distance, an online platform, or through a community event. Be ready for anything!

Do you feel appreciated, Aquarius? You may be asking yourself this question often during March, as you pay close attention to who’s been appreciating you or not, in both your work and your personal life. This really comes to play for you as this month’s energy shifts your focus to your self worth, gifts & the true values used to create your dream life. Where do you want to go in life? Are you archiving your goals to get there? You’ll be doing a lot of deep reevaluating at this time in figuring out what’s really working for you, and what would be best to move on from once and for all. This could even include a relationship. Perhaps with a group you belong to, your business or life partner, doctor, teacher, coach, or coworker who’s slack you’ve been picking up. Once Saturn goes retrograde on the 25th, you’ll have better insight on where you want to invest your time and energy to make your dreams reality. An investment in your skills, such as a class could attract new income for you in return. As the season shifts bringing change, so do you Aquarius. Spend time doing what makes you happy– cooking, cleaning, journaling, working out. Release some creative energy and frustration through a healthy outlet. You have a strong end to the month in the social media realm. Perhaps you share some valuable knowledge in a blog post, give a talk, teach a retreat, or create an e-book. The universe has a huge payout in store for you for sharing your wisdom. Just you wait and see!

Happy birthday Pisces! You are owning this month, and truly shine during your powerful total solar eclipse on the 8th and 9th. Whatever you do, keep the focus on you & don’t wait around for others this month. Any new beginning you set to accomplish on your own, will be nothing more than exciting and successful. Especially in the area of career. Trust that the universe is celebrating you for taking initiative. This is a grand time for your spirituality to grow, new starts, stepping into a leadership role, and letting your outer beauty blossom to reflect what’s changing internally. If you’re on your way out of a job or relationship, know that someone/something lies ahead that will be more beneficial for you. You’re really busy falling in love with yourself and life at the moment to let anything get you down. This spiritual growth will attract the right people, who enter your life at the right time of this new beginning thanks to the new moon. Something may be brought to your attention on the 25th, regarding a deadline or commitment you have to fulfill. Your spirituality is ready to soar this month, just listen. Trust the hunches you receive from your inner guide & source. Hey, maybe play the lotto.. What do you have to lose?!

Peace, Love, and Lipstick,
xo leleloveleigh

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