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February Horoscopes with Gypsy Warrior

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

This one is for all of my celestial babes out there...
I am so excited to announce that I will be contributing to the popular Gypsy Warrior blog 
with magical monthly horoscopes! Aren't these images insanely gorgeous by the way?!
They were created by Gypsy Warrior designer babe Corinne, and I'm obsessed with them.
I think they compliment the series so well. You can read this, and other awesome articles monthly
on the GW blog here. I'll be reposting them here as well incase you miss them. Let me know next month how these guidances played out for you in the month of February. I would love to know!

This month’s focus for you Aries is strong in the area of business and work, brought on by Jupiters positive energy flow! This is a great time to upgrade your skills to increase your future earnings, especially within the first few weeks of February. You will be receiving many gifts this new moon, and one of them may include a promotion possibly around the 10th when Venus trines in harmony with Jupiter. There will also be a significant increase of income for you or the company you work for, or expansion in your area of personal business. This new moon is a wonderful time for breakthroughs to start manifesting and cooking up what you want to see come to life for you in 2016. You will also see and increase of this energy lighting up your area of network and friendships. If you are single, you could possibly meet someone through networking, a club you belong to, or even on social media. Be sure to take full advantage of this strong force of attraction by promoting yourself and your services, and going after what you truly want. This is a very fun, sizzling and active month for you! It’s also a fabulous time to reinvent yourself, take up a new workshop, create a new ritual, and focus on your hopes and wishes.

Wow Taurus, can you feel that?! You are so supported by the universe in moving ahead in the career department this month! All of your hard work is finally starting to pay off and be recognized in February. This new moon could bring about a new work opportunity, accompanied with pressure from loved ones for you to take a job offer, or desire to start a business. Mars has your back for setting and achieving these goals, and is saying “go for it”! As far as love life goes, the full moon on the 22nd in your sister sign Virgo is lighting up the passion in that area for you with massive amounts of positive energy. Your love houses are beyond activated, and your self confidence just keeps growing . If you are single, meeting someone special could come through work, or from a distant connection. Play with the dreamy energy of Neptune towards the end of the month with your creativity, visualization skills, and definitely cast some love spells. Neptune wants you to fall in love!

Lucky you Gemini! With Aquarius being your sister sign, this is the energy you have been waiting for to back you up and make things happen. Especially when it comes to travel, adventure, higher learning and intention setting. Maybe you are planning to go back to school, or take some extra courses or online classes to expand your wisdom. The Aquarius new moon energy is the perfect time to do so, as the third week in February you will be more empowered and focused on what you want to do in the world, and more than ready to take business to the next level (possibly with a contract). This empowering energy is also trickling into the area of health for you. This is a great time to be active, take a new fitness class, or join a gym. If you have been putting this off for a while, but want to finally get started, now is the time to achieve that support. Be aware with the strong fantasy energy at the end of the month. This is not a time to make firm plans, but a very fun time for being with friends, dreaming and planning. If you are single at this time you may find yourself becoming very attracted to an authority figure or coworker. For the lovebirds, you may more than ready to celebrate your love that you are ready to take the next step, or possibly elope! Planning a trip to Vegas sometime soon Gemini?!

You are busting out your inner Wayne and Garth this month Cancer. Your new moto for the month seems to be “party time, excellent”! You are ready to let loose, relax, have fun, and laugh in February as you feel stability finally return. With this lighter feeling you are experiencing, now would be a great time to throw a party and celebrate. If you have your eye on someone special, don’t forget to invite them to that gathering, as sparks could fly! If you are already involved in a relationship, now is a hot and powerful time to strengthen your communication and intimacy with each other. A little adventure, out of body travel, short drive or trip could be just what you need to clear your mind, and focus your vision on what you want in the months to come. An authority figure may want to help you expand and move up in the world. Take advantage when this opportunity pops up. If you are not feeling appreciated in the workplace try to stay strong, because those in authority are definitely taking notice of you!

We all know you have loads of talents Leo, and Saturn is now encouraging you to use those new talents wisely! You are feeling bold and confident this month thanks to the abundance of gifts and opportunities bring brought to your doorstep. Especially in the area of work around the 10th. The Aquarius new moon energy is lighting up your area of new relationships. This flow is inspiring you to meet someone new, as this is a great time to start building a solid new partnership and start fresh. Be it love, work, business, or friendship. If you are already coupled up, this is a killer time to re-spark your love for one another by trying new things, taking risks, diving deeper in passion, or renewing your vows. Injecting some freshness into the relationship will be beneficial for your already deep bond. Pay close attention to your money and what you are investing in, especially around the full moon in Virgo on the 22nd.

Look at you go, Virgo! This month you’re feeling back on track as Mercury, your ruling planet starts moving forward and into Aquarius on the 13th. This month is empowering you to put forth action in the areas of your lifestyle, education, work & health habits. Venus enters Aquarius on the 16th, bringing attention to your calling in the world. You are certainly feeling it’s effects in your increased desire to inspire humanity through your words, teachings, and by sharing your knowledge to create a better future for all. Use this positive energy that Saturn and Uranus is pouring out during the new moon on the 8th to attract a guru who can help bring you knowledge to feed with that desire to move others through sharing your knowledge by strengthening your means of communication. You hold massive power to move others within the means of communication you choose. Channel that bright learning energy! The 10th holds a lucky day in the stars for you. This would be a wonderful time to start a new project, enter a new relationship, or even play the lotto. Be aware of work arguments as Mars is challenging the new moon in the area of communication.

You are going to feel a major boost in courage and self confidence this month Libra, thanks to the supportive strength and encouragement Aquarius brings to your 5th house of taking chances. You will notice a large shift in how carefree and light you feel going into this month as compared to January. There is a lot of uplifting creative energy, especially within the first three weeks to take advantage of by doing purposeful vision/intention work. This energy is perfect for starting new projects that interest you, reignite passion, inspiring others, and even expanding your area of career. You are going to feel much more outgoing this month with a strong desire to network and connect with people. Whether it be online or going to a group meet-up, this is a wonderful time to make some very valuable connections and friendships. Keep attention on how you express your love this month, as you could have a tendency to overspend on your sweetie. Romance however is strong with good communication, making you want to celebrate your love in every way. You may start to feel a little rundown towards the end of the month, and even experience some confusion at the workplace around the 28th. Make sure you are listening to your body & it’s need to rest and recharge, so you can enter March as strong as you did February.

Opportunity is knocking in areas of your talents, true values, and self-respect this month Scorpio, will you answer?! The new moon on the 8th is bringing call of action to your foundation of home and being. This energy is forcing you to look at how you empower yourself from within, what you really love and value, and how you are taking care of yourself. This would be the perfect time to do a release ritual to prep you for what’s to come in the area of career and finance. You are in the position of finical growth or promotion at the begging of February, or next month. This would be a wonderful time to start or grow your home-based business. As the sun enters your sister sign Pisces on the 19th, you’ll start to feel the heat in the true love and romance department. Make sure you are paying close attention to what spirit is telling you during this time, as the idea love may be overshadowing your judgement. Are you in love with this person, or just the idea of being in love? Neptune is blurring this line, so focus your intention & listen closely to your gut.

Pack your bags Sagittarius, this month’s new moon is shining strong in the area of travel for you! This is a great time for short distance travel, as you are feeling recharged and egger to be more social and connect with new people this month. You could meet someone very beneficial through these travels, social media, or even in your own neighborhood. You are attracting money and people to you like crazy this month Leo! Take advantage of that with this focused and disciplined energy by launching that new business, book, website, or whatever you have been creating or inventing on the 13th or 16th. Your workaholic ways are about to pay off with major success, all the while strengthening your foundation as the sun enters Pisces on the 19th. If you are making any choices about real estate or moving around the end of the month, pay very close attention to the details. It would be best if possible to wait until March 3rd to finalize any of these decisions. You have a lot to look forward to in February with love (it’s on fireeee), and a huge increase in prosperity and self expression. Get ready to feel uplifted, inspired, and endlessly supported by your guides and the universe this month.

Is there a gift or talent you have not had time to grow recently Capricorn? You’ll find that in February you are now able to use this special gift or talent with confidence. You have a strong start in February in the area of money being brought opportunities with a spotlight on leadership, and it looks fantastic! You could be called to help to coach, navigate or lead others due to your peers thinking very highly of you and your honesty. You may find a gift being offered to you, such as someone paying for a trip, paying for you to further your training, or offering their guru guidance to you on or around the 10th. You are about to be very rewarded for all of your hard work these past two months, raising your self appreciation and worth. This would be a great energy for you to promote yourself or your business online with marketing, so that others can easily find and work with you. Watch out for those who are trying to make trouble, be it at work or in your social group. Drama seekers will be looking for you to clean up their mess this month. Harness this full moon energy to open up new doorways, and connect with higher consciousness and spirit. You are feeling very intuitive and focused right now, making it very easy for you to tap in and see your future!

Happy birthday Aquarius! The uplifting and supportive energy that your new moon is giving off this month is taking all of the other signs on a crazy, beautiful journey of love (there is no shortage of bliss in the love department for you either). If you are seeking love this month it can be brought on through where you socialize, in the workplace, what groups you belong to, even your favorite bodega. I mean, this is the month of loveeee, and it is sparked! Your new moon is filled with uplifting, positive energy and support from the universe this month in the realm of new beginnings. This would be a perfect time for a life, mind, work, or personal makeover to focus on your inner beauty and strength. As well as a key time to set your focus forward on goals, hopes, upgrading communication skills, expanding your knowledge, and manifesting your wishes (they are coming true with little effort). You are being extremely backed up by the universe and your ascended masters at this time with whatever you wish to do. They are pouring positive energy into your new moon, and the angels are showering you with gifts. Think before you buy regarding any major purchases at the end of the month. Neptune’s energy could have you feeling foggy about where you are spending your money, and suffering from buyers remorse. You may notice that there is lots being asked of you regarding work, the work you put out into the world, or taking on new leadership roles. Embrace this change with confidence and knowing that your guides have your back in dealing with what is being asked of you. Overall, this is a beautiful, harmonious month for you in all areas Aquarius. Trust in these new beginnings, they are creating a bright & successful year ahead for you. Anything you manifest at this precious time has extreme potential to come to life for you quickly!

Thank Goddess that the foggy feeling you felt in January is now gone in February, right Pieces?! If you are feeling run down, or like you need more rest, make sure you take it! With your birthday around the corner, it’s natural to feel this way. However you will be replenished with new solar energy for the year on your special day. The new moon this month brings focus directed towards your inner world & personal journey. Putting in dedicated time to working on this area will be beneficial to your connection with the divine. Take time to meditate, journal, complete unfinished projects, reevaluate your belief system, spend more time nature, and really learning to become your own best friend. The more you focus on your inner world, the more benefits you will draw out this February. Your areas of money and love are on fire, especially in the first three weeks of the month.
Don’t make any major decisions if possible around the 28th, until the sun clears Neptune on March 3rd and clarity returns.

Peace, Love, & Astrological Blessings,
xo leleloveleigh



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