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Celebrating NON-GMO Month with Urban Remedy

Monday, October 26, 2015

In celebration of national NON-GMO month (my favorite month, of course),
I’m so excited to share one of my new favorite certified organic, non-GMO, vegan,
low glycemic, and gluten free companies with you— Urban Remedy!

Urban Remedy is a line of raw, ready-to-eat meals, snacks, energy infused tinctures,
and cold-pressed juices that will transform you from the inside out. With four
California store front locations and national shipping, Urban Remedy makes it
accessible for anyone to become an organic, green goddess!

If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat (leleloveleigh), you’ll know that I recently
visited (and ate my way through, haha) San Francisco. I made it my mission to visit all of my
old favorite vegan restaurants, and discover some new ones that have opened since I’ve been
gone (round-up post coming soon!). Of course, my list was more than enormous. Leaving
little time to squeeze all of my destinations in. I have heard such great things about
Urban Remedy, and was so bummed  when I was not able to make it into the store for a visit.
Luckily, the juicing angels at Urban Remedy were still able to hook me up, all the way in New York!
Leaving me completely obsessed with the brand, and craving another trip to San Francisco ASAP.

Urban Remedy was founded by Chinese nutritionist, herbalist, and lichened acupuncturist
Neka Pasquale. Neka took her philosophy of “food is healing” to action by incorporating it
 into vibrant cold-pressed juices, shakes, raw snacks, and easy to follow meal plans. All of
which only use certified organic ingredients, sourced directly from farms. Something
that is very important to myself, and apparently Cindy Crawford, who became a
brand partner and ambassador after being introduced to Urban Remedy.
You can thank these two babes for being the wellness warriors they are, and for creating
such an easily accessible gateway to pure, glowing health to the world.
Making it effortless to make health a habit, and not an option!

Meal in a bottle shakes are packed with minerals & vitamins, that will keep you full for hours!
Replacing a meal with a protein shake is a quick way to calm your hunger craving on-the-go.
Urban Remedy makes seven different flavors, to keep your week full of variety & prep time at zero.
My personal obsession right now is the PB&J (sooooo good).

Urban Remedy’s smooth and delicious cold pressed juices are not like any others. They are
infused with superfoods & the most unique ingredients, making mind-blowing taste combinations..
all while keeping a low GI & flushing the body with energizing nutrients! They also use
high-pressure processing (HPP) to preserve freshness and nutrients, while inactivating pathogens.
Something I personally always look for when purchasing a juice. I would highly suggest trying
one of their juice cleanses, especially if it is your first time doing a cleanse. It’s so important to
detox and give your digestive system a break, while focusing on rebooting & rebuilding at a
cellular level. With 13 yummy flavors, my go-to juice at the moment is the cold crusher.
It’s totally preparing me to kick-butt during the upcoming cold season, here on the east coast.

I’m a huge fan of raw snacks, and always make sure to have some on hand. Steering away
from processed flour, saturated fat, sugar, grains, and nasty preservatives— Urban Remedy’s snacks
help you fuel up, not crash & burn! Their gluten free snacks are all low-glycemic, delicious,
satisfying, easy to digest, and will never give you a sluggish feeling. These treats are
dehydrated at low temps, and full of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, making them yummy
and nutritious. My favorite at the moment? The Almond Brownie, for sureeeee.

Urban Remedy also has a line of cold brewed coffees and teas.
All give a smooth caffeine boost, with no jitters or bitterness.
I'm dying to try the Matcha Tea Au Lait next!

Urban Remedy is known for their healthy meal plan line, making them a complete lifestyle brand,
while taking all of the guess work out for you. With a large array of yummy raw salads,
wraps, and noodle dishes, you’ll be undeniably set up for success. Honestly, having a
few of these ready in my fridge was so helpful when the hunger bug hit. I would highly
suggest always having a couple of these on hand for a quick & healthy lunch or dinner.
The Zen Salad is a must try (you’ll go crazy for the dressing).

I do not believe in consuming animal’s milk, as a vegan or not. But, I do believe in nut milk!
Urban Remedy’s smooth and creamy nut milks are the perfect alternative to dairy milk.
Nut milks like almond, and cashew are delicious and healing to the system. Urban Remedy
offers 4 varieties of nut milks. I’m super in love with the Cardamom Cashew Milk at the moment. 

If you are not lucky enough to live in California (like I used to, wah),
you can order your Urban Remedy goodies online! With national delivery, you can have a
fresh and healthy reboot sent straight to your doorstep overnight. Boom- no more excuses.
So, are you ready to hit restart?! Shop all Urban Remedy products here.

Peace, Love, & Say NO to GMO,
xo leleloveleigh

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