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Get Your Zen On: Why You Need The Vegan Cuts Exclusive Yoga Box

Monday, September 28, 2015

You guys already know my intense love for Vegan Cuts from my April  beauty + snack box review.
Well, I am super excited to introduce you to Vegan Cuts's second curated Yoga Box!
Packed to the top with goodies meant to support, enhance & inspire your inner & outer yoga practice
(in a cruelty-free way of course), this box is something every yogi will undoubtably love.

From healthy snacks, to aromatherapy, to accessories that will bump up your yoga gear..
the Vegan Cuts Yoga Box is filled with all of the essentials you can take to the mat, and 
straight into your daily routine. I'm so excited to show you guys all of the new, fun, super zen
stuff that I discovered inside of this magical Yoga Box, thanks to Vegan Cuts!

prAna Yoga Strap- Whether you are a beginner yogi, or just feeling a little tight- this strap
is a wonderful helping hand. It's six feet long, and perfect for increasing your flexibility while
giving those tight shoulders and hamstrings an unbelievably deep stretch.
Kishu Charcoal To Go for Water Bottles-   If you guys don't already know,
I am obsessed with charcoal. This handy little guy makes your tap water taste amazing, while
reducing the need for plastic waste & crazy harmful chemicals. Using ancient techniques, Kishu
immediately bonds with toxins & relays them to minerals. One stick lasts for four months.
IAMOPUS Body Oil- This organic little guy has so many great uses, which is why I am
just so obsessed with body oils. Great for frayed nerves, insomnia sleep aiding, excessive sebum
production, eczema, dull skin, body acne, skin inflammation, moisture massage, face cleanser,
makeup remover, cuticle moisturizer, and so much more. For the yogi's- it's awesome
for enhancing your savasana, or deepening breath work with it's light and soothing scent. 
Rise Bar in Lemon Cashew- Just pull this baby out whenever someone asks you "where do you get
your protein?". It has 15 grams of protein, & is made with four fully vegan & simple ingredients. BOOM!
Javazen Original Superfood Coffee- My two favorite things in one?! I must be dreaming..
I've been loving coffee/tea blends a lot lately & this one is just awesome. Combining organic coffee,
raw cocoa, and matcha; Javazen is the perfect combination of nutrient-rich
ingredients for the ultimate good-for-you-brew!
OmEssentials HemeBlood Builder Vitamins-  Each Vegan Cuts Yoga Box has a different
vitamin bottle inside, but I'm excited that I got this one. This formula provides a complete combination
of B vitamins, easy to assimilate chelated iron, organic spirulina & wheat grass, all to keep your healthy red blood cells in formation. A great complement to any vegan yogi's active lifestyle. 
SacredxStones Snow Quartz Chakra Bracelet- If you have seen my jewelry collection, you
already know that I can never get enough of gems and stones.. especially in chakra
balancing combinations! Plus, this one can go with absolutely anything you are wearing.

MudLOVE Loved Bracelet- This clay bracelet makes me so happy, because each one
provides a week of clean water for someone in the Central African Republic!
They are handmade in Indiana, and represent love & hope. *awww*
Banyan Botanicals Daily Massage Oil- An Ayurveda must-have, this full body massage oil
supports both body and mind. This formula is infused with Ayruvedic herbs to balance all three
doshas and rejuvenates the body, while calming the mind. Ground the nervous system, promote circulation, support the lymphatic system, soothe and hydrate the skin all with this luxe oil. 
Eco Nuts Laundry Soap- Made with soapberry extract, this eco-friendly laundry detergent
is super concentrated & a great alternative to your usual detergents. Keep this little travel size
in your yoga bag for an emergency mat cleaning on the go. 
Zego Chocolate Nutrition Bar- Roasted cacao nibs?! Yummm. This powerful dark chocolate
bar is free from the top eight allergens, full of fiber and antioxidants. 
21 Drops Focus Essential Oil- Stay focused during your practice with a little dab of this
essential oil on your temples. It's great for enhancing concentration, and
clarity.. yes, even during an intense hot yoga session!
Buddha Teas 4th Chakra Tea & Solar Plexus Chakra Tea- You guys know my love for
Buddha Teas from my previous review on the solar plexus tea. So obviously, I was happy to
 find something new from a brand I already love inside of my Vegan Cuts box to try.
Yogitoes hBand- Made of organic cotton, this comfortable & moisture wicking
headband is a must to keep in your yoga bag for practice. I even like to pull
it down over my eyes, for an uninterrupted savasana.
Dharma Shop Sensational Prayer Scarf-  I am so obsessed with this meditation scarf!
It's handmade in Kathmandu & hand printed from carved woodblocks. Covered in OM symbols
& traditional hindu designs, it's the perfect added touch to your yogi look.

What I'm Wearing:
Brahma Bamboo Yoga Bra c/o Sweaty Betty
Bakasana Yoga Tank c/o Sweaty Betty

Get your own Vegan Cuts Yoga Box before they're gone here for just $39 + shipping!
This box has a value of $139, and seriously makes the perfect gift for the mindful yogi in your life.
Each box also comes with an exclusive coupon for a killer 67% savings
on a one-year elite membership. I mean, come onnnnn. It's such a deal!

Check out Vegan Cuts's monthly snack & beauty box subscriptions too for a curated,
cruelty-free box of surprises, that will make every mail day feel like your birthday.

Peace, Love & Yoga,
xo leleloveleigh

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