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Inside Aprils Vegan Cuts Beauty + Snack Box

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

I'm so excited to share my Vegan Cuts April Snack & Beauty Box's with you guys today!
If you don't know already, Vegan Cuts is an awesome monthly subscription box & online market
place full of the best vegan beauty, snack, and fashion products delivered right to your door!
Founded by vegan owners Jill & John, they & their green team research, test, & approve every
item to bring you the highest quality products from honorable companies. 

Whether you're vegan, transitioning, or simply wanting to incorporate some healthier swaps
into your life, Vegan Cuts is a great way to access new items to do so. It's also a
great tool for those who may not be fortunate enough to live near a health food or natural
goods store, to get some exposer to the latest products. Vegan Cuts is hands down the easiest
way to discover new cruelty-free brands and items from food to fashion!

The Beauty Box is a monthly subscription box full of 4-7 natural, organic and cruelty-free
beauty, hair, & skincare products. This is a great way to try out new full, travel and sample
sized vegan products that you may have never heard of, or to get a "try before you buy"
feel for something. I guarantee that you will discover something new and addicting in your
box every time! The Vegan Cuts Beauty Box is only $19.95 per month
+ free shipping in the US, $8 to Canada & $15 internationally. 
What's Inside Aprils Beauty Box:

Mermaid Mane Sea Salt Hair Spray by Captain Blankenship- 
I'm guilty of the go-to straightened hair from day to day, & usually only rock waves at the beach. Lately I have been dipping my toe in the beachy inspired look, & really love the results that this spray gives. Not to mention it has the most lovely herbal scent to it, that leaves the ultimate soothing feeling. This is will definitely be a favorite once you try it!

Emani Lip Gloss-
It's so nice to discover a brand so passionate about vegan cosmetics as well as being free of skin-irritants, petrochemicals, nano-particles, artificial dyes, parabens, and fillers. As a gloss-snob myself, I really loved the texture and shine of this one!

Petal Fresh Organics Scalp Treatment Conditioner in Tea Tree-
I knew I would love this one since I'm a huge fan of the natural antiseptic benefits that tea tree provides, and the invigorating smell. I also think it's incredibly important that this conditioner is free of sulfates, GMOs, petrochemicals, phthalates, parabens, etc. It left my hair feeling soft, hydrated, and fresh!

Goddess Garden Organics SunnyBody Natural Sunscreen SPF 30 –
In New York we pretty much skipped over Spring, and went right into summer this week.. needless to say this has come very much in hand already! I love the travel size, and easy blend-ability of this sunscreen, leaving no excuse for me to not have this baby in my purse at all times.

Wellinhand Bug-A-Boo Vanilla Rosemary Repellent –
This is the first vegan bug repellent that I have ever tried, & although there are not too many bugs out in Brooklyn yet, it seemed to do the job!  Not to mention it smells 1,000 times better than traditional bug repellents. I can't wait to give it another go once the long summer nights are finally upon us.

Every month for $19.95 you will receive a box packed full of 7-10 yummy vegan snacks
to try, even vegan indulgences! Chips, cookies, teas, sodas, candy.. you name it.
With 80% of the products usually being gluten-free and as many non-GMO and organic
as possible, it's very reassuring to know that you are having a much healthier alternative to
typical snack boxes. No doubt this will be the yummiest surprise mail you could ever ask to receive! 
What's Inside April's Snack Box:
This months box was curated by Kristin from Will Travel For Vegan Food.
I have been following her for many years, and was really excited when I heard
she was in this months snacker spotlight. I'm absolutely loving all of these yummy items she picked out.

Thai Coconut Curry Popcorn by Pop Art- 
De-lic-ious! I've never had something like this before, & was skeptical of the flavor combo before trying, but I loved these. I broke this bag up into 3 different snack times. They are so flavorful and satisfying, that it's not your typical "did I eat the whole bag already?" movie theater type of deal. GMO corn free?.. yes please!

Yum Earth Organics Fruit Snacks & Yum Earth Naturals Sour Beans-
I can only speak for the fruit snacks, since my fiancé ate the sour beans... -_- haha. The fruit snacks are super yummy and flavorful. Free of gluten, dairy, nuts, soy, artificial colors and dyes, it's a guaranteed treat any kid or adult would love. My fiancé on the other hand devoured the sour beans before I turned around. So yeah, I guess you can say they were pretty yummy too!

Famous Falafel Chip in Original-
I'm not much of a dip girl, but I sure love my hummus, and these are a match made in heaven. Made with herbs, spices, and legumes to taste just like a falafel. More gold stars for being gluten free and non-GMO of course!

Gluten Free Multi-Grain Crackers by Crunchmaster-
I actually have had these before, and they are a favorite of mine. I personally prefer gluten free crackers, so to me they taste awesome. I really believe that you wouldn't know these were gluten free if you were to just eat them without knowing! They are delicious alone or with a dip or spread.

Grab the Gold Gluten Free Snack Bar-
I got this baby in my bag right now for an emergency, but have not tried it yet. I'm excited to though, being that it is made without high fructose corn syrup, or preservatives(winning!). Grab the Gold Bars don't have trans fat & are also high in fiber, making them the perfect thing to always have on hand.

Dark Dog Organic Energy Drink-
Personally, I do not drink energy drinks, but this one could be a great option for me. I love when things like this come in a subscription box, because it really makes you look at an item in a new light.
This one in particular is made with natural sourced caffeine like green tea, guarana, and yerba mate. Not to mention non-GMO and organic! I'm definitely excited to give this one a try.

PureGreen Protein in Vanilla by Vibrant Health-
I'm always on the hunt for new protein powders, so I'm really excited to make a magical mixture with this one since I've heard nothing but great things. A great option for a clean, green, balanced, complete protein and bioavailability of vegetable sources.

R W Garcia MixtBag-
I've had these before, & am a huge fan. I love the mix of blue and yellow corn, the light and crunchy taste, the fact that they are gluten free, and obviously that they are non-GMO! The perfect simple snack, along with some salsa or guac. What more could you want?

Organic Edamame Spaghetti Shape by Explore Asian-
I am so excited to make these! I personally purchase other gluten free options from Explore Asian all the time, & have loved all of them so far. But Edamame?.. yummmm! I'll will have to make them, and share the recipe with you guys next.

How To Get Your Own Vegan Cuts Subscription:
I really believe in the values behind Vegan Cuts, and admire how they are helping make
healthy items discoverable to so many people, no matter where they are. I highly recommend giving it a go.
You'll honestly look so forward to receiving your box every month.
Besides, who doesn't love getting surprise packages straight to their door?! 

Click here to shop the Vegan Cuts market place.

Click here to get your own Vegan Cuts Beauty Box.

Click here to get your own Vegan Cuts Snack Box.

Peace, Love, & Plants,
xo leleloveleigh

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