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Coachella Ready with TEMPTU X Flower Children Only

Friday, April 17, 2015

Let's face it- there's no holding back your inner boho, wild flower child from
coming out to play once the Coachella fever hits.Your friends are going. Your co-workers
are going. People everywhere you go are "Coachella shopping". Hey, even your best
friends mom is going… But if you are like me, you are stuck on the east coast
having some serious "fomo". But who says you still can't look the part
at your own Nochella festivities, like brunching with your girls?!

If you plan on hitting up Coachella for the second weekend,
there are two things you should not be without..
1- A flawless, bronzed, dewy complexion that will last while you're
running from set to set & dancing the night away.
2- The festival season must-have accessory; a FCO flower crown (or 10 of them)! 
The one thing you definitely don't want to worry about while spending all day
dancing in the desert is your makeup. That's where TEMPTU comes in to save the day!
The best part of TEMPTU is how fast and foolproof it is. It takes just a few
minutes (and no brushes) to achieve a fresh look, with powerful longevity.
TEMPTU is also travel friendly & takes the hassle out of packing a bag full of extra beauty products.
All you need is your machine, and the pods of your choice.. so simple!

Here is a simple way to get a boho bronzed look, perfect for a day in the desert.
See how TEMPTU pro makeup artist Tiffany Saxby creates the look for flower child
Michelle Madonna, in the video tutorial here
What I Used:
TEMPTU 2.0 Airbrush Machine ℅ TEMPTU
AIRpod Foundation in Warm Ivory 
AIRpod Bronzer 
AIRpod Highlighter in Champagne
Color True Lipstick in Blushed Suede 

What I'm Wearing:
 The Kerry Flower Crown ℅ Flower Children Only
The AIRpod Foundation is a lifesaver. With a four in one sweat proof formula of concealer,
corrector, primer, and foundation… it's a Coachella must. I applied my AIRpod foundation
on a medium coverage, and then bronzed up with the AIRpod bronzer for an ultimate festival glow. You can also take the bronzer onto the declate and shoulders for an extra sun kissed finish.
I then applied a peachy blush, you can get a similar flush to this using the Clementine AIRpod blush. Obviously, you can't do a boho glow without a focus on highlight! To get a dewy glow,
I applied my AIRpod highlighter to the high points of my face to act as a "spotlight". 

My absolute favorite lipstick right now is Blushed Suede. I wear it almost everyday!
It has a demi-matte finish, is super creamy & pigmented, & has long-lasting coverage.
And of course, what's a Coachella inspired look without a FCO Flower Crown to finish it off?!
What are some of the looks you'll be wearing at Coachella (or Nochella) this weekend?!
Tag me in your bronzed flower-power looks, I would love to see your Coachella glam!

Peace, Love, and Flower Crowns,
xo leleloveleigh


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