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9 Easy Ways to Eat More Plant-Based | Featuring Organic Avenue

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Clean eating doesn't have to be so difficult you guys.
There are so many ways you can incorporate more plant-based meals into your life. 
If glowing skin, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, healthy weight loss, a drastic reduction
in your chances of getting a range of diseases, less achey joints, better sleep, and just feeling
overall amazing isn't enough to keep you motivated.. I don't know what is!
Granted these changes do not happen overnight, but they are well worth the effort.
It's as simple as being conscious of what you put into your body, and paying attention to your plate.
Count colors, not calories! In celebration of Earth Day, I'm sharing my 9 favorite
ways to incorporate more plant-based foods into your everyday life!

1 - Replace and eliminate!
Start by turning your breakfast of bacon, egg and cheese on a bagel into something
that's completely opposite. Eating dead in the morning will simply just make you feel dead
throughout the day. Why not start your day with live fruits and veggies, to make you feel
just that.. alive! Replace one meal with a huge green juice or smoothie. If you aren't ready to
completely replace your meal, try taking something out. Maybe you get rid of the bacon, or
swap for tempeh bacon. Why not skip the cheese, or switch it out for dairy-free cheese?
Just make little changes. Be it by eliminating one animal product a meal, having no meat or dairy
 for a whole day(a-la meatless monday), a week, or a month. Making simple replacements,
will ultimately help you in eventually eliminating animal products completely, if that is your goal. 

2- Get creative with your meals!
All of those acai bowls you see on instagram are not only beautiful to look at, but are so fun to make. Play with your food, add more color, make shapes and go crazy decorating your plate. Get inspired
by  following plant-based food pages on instagram, go on a Pintrest pinning spree, or give yourself
a challenge with what you already have in your cabinet. It will inspire you to try food in a more
non-conventional way. The more love and time you put into making your meal, the more of
that love is going to nourish your body. Besides, who doesn't love a Instagram worthy meal pic?! 

3- Stock up on frozen veggies and fruit!
Do you typically over buy your fruits and veggies with good intentions, and end up just throwing
most or all of them away? Why not make it simple for yourself, and stock up on frozen goods?! Vegetables and fruit are at their peak of nutrients right after picking. Freezing
preserves all the good stuff, like vitamins and more. Frozen is a great substitute for
fresh that not only saves you time, but money by using what you need.
Pretty much all frozen fruits and veggies are also pre cut and washed.. bonus!

4- Double the recipe!
By doubling the recipe you are not only saving time, but also yourself from excuses. 
By having an extra meal on hand, you are setting yourself up for success. You can also combine your leftovers together into a completely new meal, so you don't feel like you are having the same
thing all over again. Store your extras in the freezer if you don't think you can use it up
that week, for a fast after work go-to dinner solution. 

 5- Dedicate time to meal prepping!
I can not stress how much of a difference dedicating a few hours one day a week to meal
prepping makes on your week. Even if it's just prepping 5 simple salads to have on hand for
your work week. It really is such a big help for staying on track. Schedule in a set time one day
a week for washing and cutting up your fruit and veggies. Not only will it make your life
throughout the week 100 times easier when it comes to cooking.. but it's so much
more motivating to open up your fridge & have 90% of the work already done.

6- Find your favorite healthy swaps!
Experiment and find out what healthy plant protein swaps you can commit to.
Figuring out what fruit and veggies are the most flexible for you in your meals all starts with trying. Can you switch your pasta for zucchini spirals, your meat for a head of steamed broccoli,
or your burrito for lettuce to have a big mexican salad?! Just swapping one thing in
your meal for a plant-based option can make a huge difference. 

7- Explore menus!
Going out to eat alone, or with friends doesn't mean you can't stick to your goals.
There is pretty much a guaranteed plant-based friendly option anywhere you go to eat.
If you don't see one, just ask! Odds are the restaurant will be more than happy to
 accommodate your request for a swap, or off menu item. Find places that can be your
go-to for healthy plant based options, and have fun trying new things!
One of my personal favorite places to help me stay on track is Organic Avenue!
I know that whatever I order is guaranteed plant-based, organic, and easy to grab and go.
It really helps by taking all the guess work out of "grabbing lunch". It's also
fun to try something different every time once you find a place you really love going to.
Organic Avenue is hands down that place for me, & always at the top of my list.

8- Start your meal with a salad or soup!
By starting off your meal with a soup of salad guarantees you are getting in your veggies.
You can still have what you were planning on eating after, but by incorporating this
one simple addition you will probably want less of it what's to follow.

9- Do it for you!
Whether you want to go fully plant-based, or just incorporate a little more green into your life...
have a clear knowing of why you are doing it. It has to be 100% for you, like any lifestyle
change. Keep a journal and document the changes you start to feel physically and mentally,
as you add more plant-based eating into your life. It will help motivate and
inspire you to keep your eyes on the prize!

Peace, Love, & Greens,
xo leleloveleigh


  1. That looks so yummy! Have to try it!

  2. After experiencing what alkalizing your body actually feels like I've also begun cutting back on alcohol and coffee and have started to go back to more Green energy drinks. So thankful I found this healing product.



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