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Staying On-Track With Organic Avenue | 10 Tips For Sticking to Your Health & Fitness Goals

Thursday, February 5, 2015

What is it about January 1st that sends everyone into panic mode?!
It's almost as bad as February 1st (which happens to be my birthday, woo!), when everyone
gets so down on themselves for not sticking to their fitness goals and intentions. Luckily I don't
have the type of personality that gets caught up and fixated on this kinda stuff. But for others,
it's not that simple. Not sticking to a goal does not automatically make you a failure.
Sometimes, it's simply just not the right goal for you at the time. I put together 10 tips
to help get you out of that negative mindset once and for all. I hope these help you reach
your goal (fitness related or not), or at least form better habits to help stop the cycle.

1- Start again on a positive note. Don't hold your focus on how last month didn't go "as planned", and where you "messed up". There's no way you can start fresh with your journey, if all of your attention is directed to failure and negativity. Really envision yourself obtaining your goal, and let that emotion attach itself to you throughout the process.

2- Start small. By setting your intention for 24 hours, 2 weeks or a month (rather than planning the entire year ahead), you allow yourself more room for celebratory moments to fuel your journey.  Experts say it takes 21 days for a habit to form, so practice patience to avoid unwanted disappointment. You'll be better able to evaluate your progress & struggles, and see where the problem may lay. You will also be much more able to honestly review yourself, and maybe set a more realistic goal.

3- Physically write out your weeks schedule. By sitting down with your calendar and making a visual commitment, you are setting a positive intention to your goal. Whether it's time for a fitness class, a walk with a friend, a trip to the farmers market, or a day to meal prep.. you will feed off of the satisfaction from crossing it off on your "to-do" list.

4- Make your goal public. Give yourself accountability by sharing your intentions with friends, family, coaches, trainers, or online communities. The more people you have supporting & checking-in on you, the easier it is to stay on track. Making a gym buddy is also a great way to keep in check, by motivating each-other. You'll feel more responsibility to your commitment, if you were to break a gym date.

5- Loose your attachment to "the first". It's just a number! Yeah, yeah, it's a great day to start a goal.. but is it really any different than the 11th or the 22nd?! Start when it's right for YOU. The fact that you are even attempting to make a change, is a step in the right direction. Just flow with it.

6- Track yourself. Keep a timeline of your journey by making a habit of journaling your day, or checking in on a fitness app that everyone can see. You'll feel empowered to look back on day one, and see how far you have come.

7- Reward yourself with success tools. Celebrate every small success with a positive reward, that doesn't contradict your goal. Say maybe you complete 4 mini goals, set a bigger reward for the 5th to make it special. You do deserve that yoga block, that pilates roller, that fitness tracker, that juicer, and oh yeah.. you deserve that vitamix.

8- Surround yourself with inspiration. Make time to watch inspiring documentaries, movies, read quotes, listen to uplifting music, anything that will fuel you to continue on. Maybe it's a family member or person that is your source of inspiration, be sure to keep their photo close as a reminder. Making yourself a dream map is also a great tool. View it daily while setting your intentions, and really see your dreams coming true.

9- Make time to reflect. Celebrate everyday, & every step with gratitude. Even a short pause to say thank you is good place to to start. The more appreciation you give back to your journey, the more you will get out of it.

10- Try, try, try again. Sometimes it's just not as easy as you think it will be. Hey, life happens. If you've fallen off track, don't give up. Evaluate the pros and cons of your last attempt, and see where you can make a subtle change toward success. Remember, there is no deadline.. only divine time!

It's all about finding what works for you!
Sometimes it's as simple a having a go-to backup plan to avoid self-sabotage.
I'm the meal-prepping-salade-in-a-jar-for-lunch kinda gal personally.
Buttttt, if something comes up where I can not pack a lunch for work, I don't sweat it.
Working in SoHo, I'm surrounded by healthy & yummy options.. but my #1 go-to is Organic Avenue!

For those of you who don't know, Organic Avenue is the master of organic,
plant-based, grab-and-go goodness. They offer healthy options for breakfast, lunch,
light dinners, coffee, tea, delicious cold-press juice, & yummy smoothies. Their strong focus
on perfect balance & the purest ingredients, makes OA my ideal destination for
keeping me on track, while I'm on the go! Just being inside an Organic Avenue 
makes you feel inspired to make better eating choices (seriously!).

Organic Avenue also offers some amazing packages that save you a ton of
time and worry if you are constantly on-the-go. Straight to my door? Yes, please.

Love Deep: OA's all juice signature cleanse for a huge boost of energy and clarity.
Go Green: The cleanest you can get, with a low-glycemic, nut-free all green juice pack.
Love Easy: A yummy combination of juices and plant-based food.
Great for a beginner who wants to start a clean meal plan.
Love Fast: Mostly juice, mixed with light meals to reset your body & digestion.

In addition Organic Avenue also offers some great juice packages
that you can do by themselves, or add onto a cleanse of your choice.

Pre-Cleanse: 2 Days of juices, mylk, & boosters to help you prep for a smooth cleanse.
Mix & Match: A delicious 6-pack, customized with your favorites.
Ultimate Hydration: A curated pack of 2 booster shots & 4 juices for hydration essentials.
 Booster Pack: Customize your own 6-pack of powerful boosters.
 Post-Cleanse: 2 days worth of savory raw food, to ease you off of your cleanse.


Peace, Love, & Green Juice,
xo leleloveleigh


  1. Really needed to read this! Now I'm going to power through my juice cleanse! Can't wait to try Organic Ave!

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