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8 New Years Rituals | How-to Make A Sweet Intention Bath

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Personally, resolutions are not for me. I prefer to rather set intentions.
Intentions are a course of action that one intends to follow, while a resolution is firmly restricting
the decision to do, or not to something. The new year is a perfect time to self-reflect, & focus on new beginnings with a fresh slate. It's important to take time to acknowledge your accomplishments
this far, while visualizing a clear path for yourself to further continue your success.
I like to enhance the effects with a few personal rituals & ceremonies...

One of my favorite ways to ring in the new year is with an intention bath ritual!
I use this to cleanse my aura & start the new year with a pure, fresh spirit & clear intentions.
The act of washing away & draining the past, is extremely powerful in unclogging your connection
to the divine. This particular bath is for opening roads into the new year, with love and sweetness! 

What You'll Need:
- Rose water.
- Indian water.
- Cascarilla powder.
- Ruda/Rue water.
- Orange blossom water.
- Abre Camino cologne.
- French dried lavender buds & fresh flowers.
- Indian luck oil.
- Clover honey.
- Essential oils that fit the vibration of sweetness, abundance and attraction.
(ex: sweet basil, sweet fennel, lavender, rose or rose geranium, etc. )
- Orisha or magickal oils of your choice.
(ex: dragons blood, seal of solomon, abra melin, luck, elegua/road opener/ st. anthony, etc.)

Be sure to wash and cleanse yourself prior to your bath, following with a self-smudging.
Light some pink and white candles, burn some floral or rose incense, & submerge!
Meditate and visualize your new years intentions blossoming, while surrounding yourself with love and light. Feel the doubts that separate you from truth and growth sink into the water & be purified.
Pat lightly, or air dry yourself before changing into light, white clothing. 

 (image via Pintrest)

Other positive energy focused ways celebrate the new year...

Yoga & Meditation: Taking time for yourself to flow, focus on your breath, and deeply meditate on your intentions is a pure & personal way to ring in the new year. I personally love incorporating
aromatherapy & crystals into my practice, to further enhance my focus and intention.

Create a dream map: Cut out positive words, mantras and pictures from magazines of what you wish to surround yourself with for the new year. Paste them onto a collage board  & visualize them manifesting. Hang the board somewhere you can see daily, & take time to feed their growth.

De-clutter: Out with the old, & in with the new does not only apply to one aspect of your life.
Clear & clean your surroundings! Work, home, your car, your mind, ev-ery-thing!
Pack up items you no longer need, and donate them.
Starting the new year in a clear space, will reflect on your minds space as well.

Write in, or start a gratitude/manifestation journal: Intentions are far more powerful in your written word. What are you most thankful for? What do you want to manifest this year? Do not focus on what you want to stop doing, instead focus on how you will change a bad habit in a positive way.

Crystal work: Whether it's getting to know your stones, giving them new programs, making elixirs,
using their assistance in meditation, or creating a crystal grid… crystals significantly
enhance the frequency of your intentions. Choose to work with crystals that associate
with the intentions that you are setting, to make the process more powerful.

Release or banishing work: Write down what you want to release or rid from your life,
(people, habits, thoughts,etc.) on parchment paper. Focus your energy on releasing these things,
and saying goodbye. With a flame from a black candle, burn your paper, & place in your cauldron.
Continue to release the negative, by burying the ashes into the earth.

Candle magick: Taking a candle of your choice (pullout, votive, image, taper. etc.),
carve & dress it to best fit your goal. Use magickal oils pertaining to your candles
purpose, seals, carvings, sigils, names, herbs, etc.. 
For releasing, start at the middle & rub the oil outward ( and the opposite for attracting).
You can even use this candle in your sweet bath as a visualization and focal point.
Keep your candle burning, surrounded by sweetness on your altar.
Remember to always snuff your candle. You don't want to blow your wishes away!

Keep your intentions clear and genuine as you positively talk to the universe,
during any personal new years ritual you choose to practice. Believe that you will be taken
care of for your greatest good. Practice your affirmations & visualizations often with sincerity,
and you will only attract joy and positivity! Trust the divine time of your desires, and
let the universe take you by surprise with exactly what you need...

Remember, energy flows where attention goes...
Let go of attachments to your new year expectations, and watch the magick unfold!

Happy New Years!
xo leleloveleigh

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