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Your Tea: Tiny Tea 28 Day Teatox Review

Friday, August 29, 2014

Has your Instagram feed been flooded with girls holding a mug lately?
And what is the magic inside that cup they are all so obsessed with?!
Your Tea: Tiny Teatox my friends. That's what.
With my love of cleanses and detoxes, I just had to try it.
I recently completed the 28 day Tiny Teatox, sent to me courtesy of Your Tea.
I now know exactly why everyone is so attached to their magic mugs!

There are several things I noticed taking immediate change in my body as I started my teatox...

Number one- Bloating was gone. You heard me, gone. After the first day I felt a major
 & obviously was hooked. My tea definitely helped balance out my abnormal
time induced bloat, leaving me feeling refreshed upon awakening. 

Number two- Cravings. I'm the type of person who doesn't need coffee to get by.

I simply just enjoy it, & I only have about 1-3 cups a week. My teatox happily took

the place of my beloved iced latte, with no withdrawals whatsoever. Bravo!

Number three- Energy surge! This teatox provided me with so much extra clean energy
to power
 through my long work days & commute. Something that had been draining me
to the fullest extent
 at the time. My tea gave me the extra burst I needed, without the shakes!

Number four- Sleep patterns. At the time of my teatox I was commuting 5 hours a day,

& waking up at 5:30am on 6 hours of sleep(at the most). Not ok. It was hard for me to

finally fall asleep, & wake up without complaining. During my teatox, I saw a big

improvement & shift in my natural sleep pattern for the better. My teatox reduced

my tossing & turning at night, resulting in a refreshing morning rise! 

Number five- Weight. Now I didn't do this teatox to loose weight (although a bonus effect),
so I didn't weigh myself throughout
 the whole process. Though I can tell you 
how it made me feel. Maybe it was bloat or weight,
 but whatever it was, it was gone.
I could feel an internal weight disappear, & I was not complaining, ha!

I didn't ingest the tea three times a day, as many do. I preferred mine in the morning

& afternoon personally, sometimes only once a day due to my schedule at the time.

I still saw a change in my overall health, with only having it 1-2 times a day.
But, I did have
 friends who saw amazing results in weight loss with a 3 cup consumption.

The best thing about Tiny Tea is just that. You can really customize it to your
Whether you want mental clarity to replace your morning coffee, or a jumpstart

on your weight-loss journey.. a Tiny Teatox is a great place to start. Cheers!

Peace, Love & Teatoxing,
xo leleloveleigh


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