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For The Love Of Summer

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sometimes I regret not growing up on the beach.. but I wouldn't trade New York for the world!
Visiting the beach makes me appreciate my time away that much more.
It also lets me get use out of everything thin & flowey in my closet!
I feel most comfortable in kimonos & swing dresses. There is something so simple,
yet extraordinary about the two paired together. But of course, you mustn't forget to pull
the whole bohemian goddess look together without plenty of gypsy jewels & a head-chain to top it off! Luckily Nicole & I have the same taste in clothing, always doubling our getaway
wardrobe suitcase in two. This outfit is a little combination of the two of us. <3

What I'm Wearing:
Midnight Sun Kimono - Kivari The Label | Swing Dress - Some Days Lovin'
Golden Rocked Necklace - Love & Leather | Bracelets - Marlyn Schiff & Vanessa Mooney 
Ace Headchain - Katie Dean | Rings - Karen London, Vintage & others borrowed from Nicole Alyse

Photo's by: Nicole Alyse

Peace, Love & Lipstick,
xo leleloveleigh

Print Playing On The Wildside

Thursday, July 31, 2014

There's something about being on vacation at the beach, that makes you care a little bit
less about what you throw on. Not going-out-in-your-pajamas don't care..
but more of an easy breezy, anything goes kinda vibe. I have a bad habit of wearing anything
and everything with black jeans as my go to. I also don't wear shorts. Ever.
Both for self conscious reasons, that no one wants to hear a girl talk about. But anyway,
I realized I never play with print pairing either, as much as I love the look on others.
And if there is one print I love more than any other, it's animal print. So why not wear them together?!
I mean, who do I know here anyway? I'll wear whatever I want! 

Nicole and I ran out in the morning for our much needed ice coffee fix.
This look was cool enough for the hot walk into town, but also covered enough skin
to avoid unprotected burning. oops! And of course I was ready with my bikini underneath
to hop right into the pool as soon as we returned. Ah, the simple life…

What I'm Wearing:
Shorts - Motel Rocks | Kimono - American Gypsy Vintage
Zeppelin Tank (borrowed from Nicole Alyse) - St. Eve 
Booties - Matisse | Bikini Top - ASOS  
Bracelets - Vanessa Mooney | Rings - Karen London & Katie Dean

Photos by: Nicole Alyse

Peace, Love & Lipstick,
xo leleloveleigh

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Embracing The Colors Of Summer In VANS

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Florida sun turned my hair peach... and I ain't even mad.
I really dig the contrast of it against my super beachy colored outfit!
 All I was missing was a skate-bored under my arm. What is it about warm weather
& vacations, that makes you want to throw on every neon item you own?!
Luckily I brought some of my favorite VANS gear with me to the beach.
This was an hour or two before sunset, & I was preparing to walk into town at night with Nicole. Naturally, I needed my favorite new walking Slims & a bright beanie to keep me warm for later.
I don't know what was more colorful, the sun setting over the ocean..
or me walking in front of it on the sand. Whatever!

What I'm Wearing:
Authentic Ombre Slims  - c/o Vans  |  Boast Beanie- c/o Vans
Sargent Eye Scuba Tank - c/o Vans  |  Skirt- Heartloom
Sports Bra- New Balance  |  Circle Lens Cat Sunglasses - Vans

Photo's by: Nicole Alyse

Peace, Love & Lipstick,
xo leleloveleigh

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Red, White, & Blue Denim

Monday, July 7, 2014

Happy 4th of July!
Well, more happy belated 4th of July. As some of you may have saw on my Instagram
this holiday weekend, I was having major technical difficulties with posting.
Oh well. Celebrate America everyday, am I right?!

Last week I had a friend from San Francisco in town, & had the pleasure of doing
all of the "touristy" NYC things, that I have put of doing my entire life.
Things like going to Central Park, the Empire State Building,
Ground Zero, The Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, etc..

I could not be more grateful to have done these things right before the 4th of July.
My appreciation for America, the holiday and New York City alone grew
a thousand times more with just a few "touristy" experiences.
Experiences some people will never get to have, & that I have taken for granted my entire life.

No matter where in America you are lucky enough to call home,
do yourself a favor & explore. Explore every last bit of land with all of your heart 
before taking your journey further. I can not stress it enough...

What I'm Wearing:
Wildfox Couture Cardigan | LNA Clothing T-shirt
Vintage Levis Cutoffs

 Photo's by: Nicole Alyse

Peace, Love & Lipstick,
xo leleloveleigh

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Sand Safari

Thursday, June 26, 2014

It makes me terribly sad that these poor excuse for tan lines, are now coming to a slight fade.
Sigh.. The reminiscing of my vacation last month continues.
Why I don't just live on a beach? I will never know. It just doesn't get any better than
slipping on a little tube dress over your bathing suit, & going for a stroll on the sand.
Nicole and I fell in love with the color of this hotel in passing. We stopped to take photo's
& the manager came out and basically watched us take them (aka telling us to scram).
So don't mind my awkward face in like.. all of them ahahah.
It made for hysterical memories for Nicole & I at least. I will say that.

What I'm Wearing:
Kivari The Label Dress | 10th Tribe Lace Cape
Over the Moon Bracelet c/o Katie Dean Jewelry  
Empowered & Little Cherokee Necklaces c/o Katie Dean Jewelry
Melinda Maria Designs Slice Cocktail Ring

Photo's by: Nicole Alyse

Peace, Love & Lipstick,
xo leleloveleigh
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